How we got our name...

how we got our name naming our gift shop state of mind

Since we opened the shop in September 2018, we've frequently been asked "how did you decide on the name 'State of Mind'? Let me explain... 

When Mom and I first decided to jump headfirst into opening a gift shop, we knew that we wanted our focus to be on locally made, Texas made, and American made products. Having established a truly small business myself where all my jewelry is handmade, we developed a deep appreciation for the "little guy" like the local beekeeper (shout out to Piney Woods Bee Co.), or the high school softball coach who invented a super useful tool for anyone to use (Lion Latch is one of our faves!). 

Shortly after we made the decision to open a shop, we tossed around what felt like hundreds of boutique-y, gift shop-y names, but none of them felt right. They all sounded like names we'd heard before. We wanted something unique. 

I've always loved this quote by John Steinbeck where he talks about how obsessed Texans are with Texas. Since we wanted to carry some products from Texas brands, I thought re-reading this quote might help spark some ideas. And it did. :) 

Right there in the first sentence, there it was! Once I explained it out loud, it made sense & felt right. We don't have a typical boutique name. But that's ok with me. Our name reflects our mission & our desire for a local, Texas, and American state of mind. When you shop with us, you're not only directly supporting our dream, you're supporting all of the small businesses whose products we carefully curate just for you. 

I loved this quote so much that I asked local artist and friend Kelli Blair to paint it on the front wall for us 😬You'll see it right when you walk in the front door. 

Still have questions about our shop name? Just wanna chat? Click here to contact us and we'll get back with you ASAP. :) 

- Mary